Executive Committee (ExCo)



Chairman: Dr. Jason CHAN, MH, JP

Dr. Chan is the Associate Dean (Information and Development) and the Head of Information Technology of CPCE. He is also the Director of Big Data Lab. Dr. Chan is an innovation and technology expert and a professional generalist.  He is well-qualified with various degrees and credentials. With a multidisciplinary academic background and diverse experience, Dr. Chan is an accomplished professional generalist in public administration, education, artificial intelligence, big data, social media, social commerce, Fintech, Internet of Things, strategy, resource management, leadership, smart city, research methodology, and e-governance.



Ex-Co Member: Mr. John Cheung (ITU)

Mr. Cheung is Deputy Director of Big Data Lab and Senior IT Manager in ITU. He is a seasoned IT professional and leads several technical initiatives, including setting up of virtual laboratory for online learning, the establishment of additive facilities, and the development of value auto-tracking camera solutions. Mr. Cheung maintains contact with public cloud providers and can line up with researchers for projects and initiatives.



Ex-Co Member: Mr. Jackie SIU (ITU)

Mr. Siu is the Associate Head of Information Technology of CPCE and Deputy Director of Big Data Lab. He oversees the operation of the Information Technology Unit and manages the teams of server administration, network, system development, user support, and e-learning.



Ex-Co Member: Dr. Stephanie LEE (SSHD)

Dr. Lee is the Interim College Registrar and Associate Head of the Division of Social Sciences, Humanities and Design. She is an experienced researcher in Health Psychology and Epidemiology with publications in peer-reviewed journals and books. Her teaching interests include mental health and well-being, psychology of learning and teaching, personality development, and consumer behaviour.



Ex-Co Member: Dr. Peggy NG (BHM)

Dr Peggy Ng is a Principal Lecturer of the Division of Business and Hospitality Management. Her research interests include strategic enrolment management, student satisfaction, higher education, strategic planning, and technology management.



Ex-Co Member: Dr. Andrew WU (SEHS)

Dr. Wu is a Lecturer in the Division of Science, Engineering and Health Studies. His research interests include energy markets, electric vehicles, and renewable energies. He is a member of Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and Mensa. Dr. Wu was a project manager and a research analyst in several leading consulting firms and energy companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai.



Ex-Co Member: Mr. Ivan LAM (ITU)

Mr. Lam is the Assistant Information Technology Manager of CPCE. He oversees the operation and development of the E-learning management systems and participates the design and development of application with OutSystems low-code systems, He is a certified OutSystems Developer and trainer in ITU.



Ex-Co Member: Ms. Lena LEE (ITU)

Ms Lee is Assistant IT Officer in ITU. She has been actively participating in low code application development since 2020, especially in digital transformation using OutSystems, she is a certified OutSystems Developer and trainer in ITU as well.