Message from the Director

Re-defining Education and Re-designing EduTech in the New Normal

The education system’s response to the pandemic shows how technology can change the way teachers teach and students learn. This new transformative approach and out-of-class learning found that schools at all levels have adopted educational technology applications and online distance courses, and every teacher and student has been trapped in the online space for more than a year.

But as the lockdown eases, we are rethinking where we can continue to use EdTech solutions. There are significant relationships among online collaborative tools, collaboration with peers, student engagement, online activities, and student learning performance.  How to promote student engagement and teacher involvement to facilitate group discussion, ultimately strengthening student learning performance? Will campus education benefit from the potential consolidation and injection of digital solutions? What kind of education will we see in the post-pandemic era or New Normal?

In response to the above questions or more, CPCE STEM EdTech Lab is established:

  • To improve industry communication and improve the quality of related services and products in EdTech and STEM education;
  • To provide consultancy service;
  • To coordinate the development of infrastructure to assist CPCE academic colleagues to conduct research and apply for research grants in EdTech and STEM education; and
  • To establish industry standards, framework and certification in EdTech and STEM education areas

Dr. Jason Chan, MH, JP