Faculty Members

For the input from faculty members, it can be collected through the Information and Educational Technology Committee (IETC).  Below is the List of Composition and Membership of IETC:


A senior member of staff, appointed by Dean (PCE)

  • Dr. Jason Chan, MH, JP, Head of IT, ITU [Also Associate Dean (Information and Development), CPCE]


A representative from CPCE Dean’s Office

  • Miss Polly Kwan, Head of Administration, CPCE

One academic staff from each Division, nominated by the respective Division Head

  • Dr. Calvin Cheng, Senior Lecturer, BHM
  • Dr. John Li, Lecturer, LC
  • Dr. Ken Tsang, Senior Lecturer, SEHS
  • Dr. Brian Hung, Lecturer, SSHD

Two representatives from CPCE Academic Registry

  • Mr. Kinson Hung, Academic Affairs Manager, CAR
  • Mr. Ricky Tong, Senior Academic Affairs Officer, CAR

One representative from each of the 7 offices, CPCE Libraries, CPCE Human Resources Office, CPCE Student Affairs Office, CPCE Employability Services Office, Continuing Education Office, Campus and General Administration Office, and Information Technology Unit, nominated by the respective Office Head

  • Ms. Donna Tam, College Librarian, CLIB
  • Miss Karen Law, Senior Human Resources Manager, CHRO
  • Dr. Joseph So, Head of Student Affairs, CSAO
  • Dr. Macy Wong, Head of Employability Services, CESO
  • Ms. Kay Chiu, Programme Manager, CEO
  • Ms. Alice Kwok, Office Manager, CGAO
  • Mr. Jackie Siu, Associate Head of IT, ITU

Four student representatives from HKCC and SPEED