Faculty Members

For the input from faculty members, it can be collected through the Information and Educational Technology Committee (IETC).  Below is the List of Composition and Membership of IETC:


A senior member of staff, appointed by Dean(PCE)

  • Dr. Jason Chan, MH, JP, Head of IT, ITU [Also Assistant Dean (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), CPCE]


A representative from CPCE Dean’s Office

  • Miss Polly Kwan, Head of Administration, CPCE

One academic staff from each Division, nominated by the respective Division Head

  • Dr. Raymond Kwong, Senior Lecturer, BHM
  • Dr. John Li, Lecturer, LC
  • Dr. Ken Tsang, Senior Lecturer, SEHS
  • Dr. Brian Hung, Lecturer, SSHD

Two representatives, one from HKCC and one from SPEED, nominated by the respective Unit Head

  • Dr. Simon Leung, Director, HKCC [Also Associate Dean (Development), CPCE]
  • Mr. Ricky Tong, Senior Programme Officer, SPEED

One representative from each of the 4 offices, CPCE Libraries, CPCE Human Resource Office, CPCE Student Affairs Office, and Information Technology Unit, nominated by the respective Office Head

  • Ms. Donna Tam, College Librarian, CLIB
  • Miss Karen Law, Human Resources Manager, CHRO
  • Dr. Joseph So, Head of Student Affairs, CSAO
  • Mr. Jackie Siu, Associate Head of IT, ITU

Four student representatives from HKCC and SPEED